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Whether you’re diving on a liveaboard, from the shore, a quay or a boat, people come to divers asking for their help in locating something that might have become lost at sea or in deep water. How would you organise a search? What equipment woud you use? Which patterns would you use and how would you communicate with your buddy underwater? Become the hero of the day and take the PADI Search and Recovery DiverSitting on the quay side in between dives, or sat by your equipment on the beach, sooner or later someone will come up and ask you to help them find something they’ve lost in the sea. It could be an expensive pair of sunglasses, or a much larger object fallen overboard from their boat. Would you know how to organise a search? Where to look, what pattern to use, how to mark the search area and communicating with your buddy underwater? Make your search more successful by taking the PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty. Conducted over two days with four dives and fun practical workshops on the surface. Using your PADI Search and Recovery Diver Manual, this course provides you with the knowledge and skills to plan and execute a thorough search, and improving your chances of success.

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